GitHub OAuth Sign-in Button with Vue.js and Vuetify

NaaS: Neighbor as a Service I’m currently working on a hosted and managed, Software as a Service (SaaS), offering of mccurdyc/neighbor as a personal project. This SaaS offering of neighbor is appropriately-named Neighbor as a Service or NaaS for short. NaaS is pronounced similar to Nas or Lil Nas X, the rappers, unlike SaaS — pronounced “sass”. The primary goal of this project is to gain experience building and marketing a product from the ground up — building the frontend, backend and infrastructure — and sharing my findings along the way. [Read More]


How I define "senior" as someone with two years of industry experience

Overview Career growth is the foundation of an organization’s culture. In the same way that we strive to build a product that enables the growth of a company, we should aim to design a career ladder that facilitates the growth of our people through well-defined expectations. This document strives to understand and define some of the expectations of the individuals, namely “seniors”, leading, sponsoring and mentoring those around them. Seniority is a shift in mindset from focusing on just yourself, to focusing on your position as a leader in a much larger entity. [Read More]

The Trip of a Lifetime

Why did we want to travel? There were a few key reasons for traveling and for taking a vacation. First, my wife completed her Master’s program and this was a way to celebrate her amazing work and dedication. Second, unlimited vacation often leads to less vacation than if the number of paid time off was explicit and if I don’t take occasional breaks, I will burn out. It is also good to step away and consider all that you have accomplished and assess whether your path is aligning with your goals. [Read More]

Should I Use golang/glog?

Background and Problem Definition I am currently working on an open source cli tool, namely mccurdyc/neighbor , that concurrently clones and executes an arbitrary binary on the repositories returned from a GitHub search query. This tool aims to assist both developers in academia when collecting projects for analyses and those in industry for automating redundant tasks e.g., adding a CODEOWNERS or LICENSE file to all of an organization’s repositories. [Read More]

Kafka Summit New York City 2019

Overview The following will serve as my personal takeaways from my attendance of Kafka Summit New York City 2019. This list is limited to the talks that I attended and my takeaways from those talks. For the full list of talks, provided talk summaries and the various tracks, visit the Schedule Page. For more details about the event itself, visit the Kafka Summity New York City 2019 Homepage. The official videos and slides can be found here. [Read More]

My Personal Journey to the Open Source Community

For five years now, GitHub has been a part of the month-long celebration of open source software, known as Hacktoberfest. Hacktoberfest is an opportunity for new and veteran contributors to open pull requests on various projects across GitHub. During this “trick-or-treat for hackers”, maintainers of projects are extremely welcoming and love to see new contributors to open source visit their projects. This was not only my first time contributing during Hacktoberfest, but my first time contributing to an open source project other than my own. [Read More]

Containerizing Go and a Use Case for Multi-Stage Docker Builds

The Adoption of Go in a Service-Oriented Architecture at StockX The service-oriented, or microservice, architecture at StockX is one widely-used in the industry. In this architecture, a set of smaller services compose the application as a whole, where each service has a very specific task, e.g., providing product information, generating shipping labels, calculating pricing information, etc.. This suite of smaller services, often use light-weight communication protocols like the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), but other forms of communication do exist such as Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). [Read More]